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The Elijo Club - How it Came to Life

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The Elijo Club - How it Came to Life
-The Elijo Club-
The English translation of Elijo is "to choose". The name stems from San Elijo State Beach in Encinitas, CA and the correct local pronunciation that we go by is
 "el-a-jo" (though we know this is not correct in Spanish).  The Elijo Club is a club designed by us, The Lomas Brand, that provides members with premium, exceptionally constructed blank t-shirts. We found this name to be glaringly appropriate given the pillar of The Lomas Brand is the belief that everything in life is a choice. Nothing is set in stone; no matter how difficult or how fortunate, a situation may appear. How those life situations are handled are dictated by the choices individuals make.
While hustling away establishing The Lomas Brand, we began to evaluate the apparel market. What we found was that everyone "wants" the latest, coolest looking trends, but not everyone "needed" the latest, coolest trends. But we found that every guy and girl "needed" the essential blank t-shirt for everyday wear. Surprisingly, what we found was this: the blank t-shirt market was plagued with problems. High costs, poor construction, rough, sometimes deplorable materials, and lack of a convenient way to purchase the shirts.
We got to work and began brainstorming a product and a service that addresses each of those issues.
As many of you know, The Lomas Brand prides itself on its reputation for the quality of all materials used in all products within the collection. So these blank t-shirts would be no different and they absolutely would have to be an extension of The Lomas Brand's reputation for quality materials.
We began working on testing, sampling, surveying focus groups. We went to great  lengths to find out why materials expanded and constricted the way they did. We wanted to know how they responded to high heat and what effect moisture would have on the fabric. What plants provided the softest materials. Why certain fabrics felt rough.  It took almost one year of searching to bring the best blank t-shirts to market and we did this with the sole intent of bringing the best product available to our consumers.
Once the shirt was established, we had to work on the price. 
Blank t-shirt prices are unrealistically expensive in the retail world. We asked ourselves, "how can we get this high quality product down to the most affordable price for our consumers?" We found that by selling the shirts in sets of three, we were able to offer a reasonable price to our clients.
The availability problem was easily remedied by using a membership platform that would ship automatically every three months. Three shirts, every three months. Done. 
Now came an internal concern. Often times we find our drawers and closets full of clothes we no longer wear. We wanted to create an effortless way for our members to do something good with those old shirts. Sean holds a strong belief in the saying, "Waste not, want not." So while sacrificing profit by providing an easy avenue for our members to donate to charity, The Lomas Brand and The Elijo Club will always put the consumer, customer experience and those less fortunate first, which in turn we believe will build trust within our community of supporters.

We hope you join our club and become a member of The Lomas Brand family!