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Men's premium quality blank t-shirts. Variety color set. Pack of 3. Subscription.

The Elijo Club - Variety Pack

$ 39.00


Why are our shirts so soft? Our t-shirts are made with a unique blend of 60% cotton and 40% sueded polyester.  

What is Sueded Polyester fabric?

Our t-shirt’s portion of polyester is blended with something called Microsuede.  Microsuede is a microfiber knit blend fabric. To give you the cliff notes version, this fiber gives you an end product that has an incredibly distinguished soft finish with a great deal of give, eliminating stretched necklines and baggy sleeves (unlike 100% ring spun cotton tshirts).  The cotton portion of our t-shirts allow the t-shirt to breathe as opposed to 100% polyester fabrics.  Essentially, our shirts take the best from both worlds and combine them into one incredible t-shirt. 


  • (1) Army Green  (1) White (1) Midnight Navy sueded polyester/cotton crewnecks
  • Sizing inquiries email 
  • Pre-Shrunk: Order your true size, never factor in shrinking 
  • Request a donation bag for old shirts pre-postaged to be sent back to us (after initial order) 

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