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Desert Coast Sunset Tee (White)

Desert Coast Sunset Tee (White)

$ 35.00


Crafted from a blend of fabrics with an added fiber thats gives you a one of a kind t-shirt that has an incredibly distinguished soft finish to it with a great deal of give and elasticity.  Our t-shirts are constructed with a goal of eliminating stretched necklines and baggy sleeves (unlike 100% ring spun cotton tshirts).  The partial cotton portion of our t-shirts allow the shirt to breathe effortlessly as opposed to 100% polyester fabrics.  Our shirts take the best from the world of textiles to create one incredible t-shirt. 

  • Screen printed by hand in San Diego, CA
  • Premium quality, with a light feel.
  • Broad form fitting look and a seamless collar ensuring no moisture stretching or curling.