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The Modern Tee L/S - White

The Modern Tee L/S - White

$ 38.00


T-shirt is 60% cotton 40% micro suede

Unbelievably soft. This t-shirts' portion of polyester is blended with Microsuede.  Microsuede is a microfiber knit blend fabric and is unique. To give you the cliff notes version, this fiber gives you an end product that has an incredibly distinguished velvet like soft finish with a great deal of give,  eliminating stretched necklines and baggy sleeves (unlike 100% ring spun cotton tshirts).  The cotton portion of our t-shirts allow the t-shirt to breathe as opposed to 100% polyester fabrics.  Essentially our shirts take the best from both worlds and combine them into one incredible t-shirt. 

  • Hand printed in San Diego, CA
  • This is a premium quality, classic tee with a light feel.
  • Broad form fitting look and a seamless collar ensuring no moisture stretching or curling.