About Us

 A Premium Men's & Women's Clothing Brand Based in San Diego, CA - Built on Premium Quality Fabrics and a Timeless Aesthetic. Inspired By the Creative Beach Culture of North San Diego County. 


The Lomas Brand was founded as a one-man clothing brand in the North San Diego coastal town of Solana Beach, CA in 2015 by founder and designer Sean Feeney. It was Sean’s vision to create a family run clothing brand that offered a simple yet bold aesthetic, while being crafted from only the best materials and lastly, was financially independent of outside investment money.  To this day the company is run entirely by the people who love it the most, him, his wife Fati Feeney, and a crew of highly appreciated happy customers called The Lomas Brand Community who make this brand possible.  

The Lomas Brand was created on a pillar of hard work, premium fabrics and a classic style aesthetic. Having no formal training, Sean self funded the venture 8 years ago and built it from the ground up. Not having a big budget for marketing, Sean took to foot every weekend setting up a 10X10 booth at neighborhood Farmers Markets and street fairs, introduceing The Lomas Brand to anyone and everyone who would listen.  It was here at a local Farmers Markets where he met his future wife and partner at The Lomas Brand Fati Feeney in 2017.  

Together through years of hard work Sean & Fati built The Lomas Brand into a top tier, highly respected (within the community and industry alike) successful independent clothing brand. Boosting a best in class customer service reputation and an unmatched love for their products. Alone they facilitate all marketing, style selection, product selection, brand strategy, graphic design, photography, all the way to believe it or not - Sean personally screenprinting each piece by hand. Between the two of them, they hold dear the belief that the passion and care with which something is made, is oftentimes more important than the product itself.  And when those products are worn, that care and passion can not only be felt but it can be contagious, spreading through awesome people they call The Lomas Brand Community 

 In 2021 Sean and Fati opened The Lomas Brand’s first ever brick and mortar storefront located in the heart of Solana Beach, just off the street Lomas Santa Fe and highway 101. The same place that inspired Sean back in 2015 to name the brand. Since opening their first shop, the brand has grown to unimaginable heights within the local community and afar. Having Lomas Brand sales spread across all 50 US states and 6 different continents, heights most would have thought to be impossible for a self funded family run small business. 

Today The Lomas Brand continues to thrive creating what some call the best clothing out there and an ever growing community of people who love the brand they all helped build and are so uniquely a part of :)

The Mission:

The Lomas Brand's mission is found within the materials used. The Lomas Brand prides itself on the fit and feel of every item in the collections. The clothing has a simple, stylish, and balanced look that catches the eye but also reflects the lifestyle associated with Southern California; more specifically San Diego County.

The Story.

By: Sean Feeney

My background isn’t in apparel or fashion, it’s actually in corporate sales. For eight years I did this and hated every waking second of it. Every year would go by and I would make more money, but year over year I found myself less fulfilled and less happy. I chose to ignore this inverse relationship because I’d trained myself to think money was everything. But in 2014, life threw me a curveball...continue reading.