About Us

 A Premium Men's & Women's Clothing Brand Based in San Diego, CA. Built on Premium Quality Fabrics & Materials. Inspired By the Creative Beach Culture of North San Diego County. Learn More About How Owner & Founder Sean Feeney Started The Lomas Brand From His House in Solana Beach, CA Only 5 Years Ago


The Lomas Brand was founded officially in 2015 by owner, founder, and designer, Sean Feeney. It was Sean’s vision to create a brand that was for the community of San Diego, by the people of North San Diego, name and all.


The Lomas Brand was founded as a one-man clothing brand in the North San Diego coastal town of Solana Beach in 2015. The clothing brand is named after the street Lomas Santa Fe Dr (exit 37), located in Solana Beach, CA. 

The brand was created on a pillar of self reliance. Having no formal training, Sean taught himself how to do all facets of the production process from website design, material sampling and selection, to style creation. All graphic designs to date are his own. Screen printing is all kept in house, having been taught by good friends and local San Diego entrepreneurs/founders at Shirts On Tap. To date, all marketing, style selection, product selection, and brand strategizing continue to be done by Sean.
Though no longer a one man clothing brand, the team has grown to include a number of talented, creative, and like minded individuals who all hold a strong belief in that the passion and care with which something is made, is often times more important than the product itself. And when worn, that passion and care can not only be felt, but can be contagious.
The Lomas Brand today is operated and headquartered in Solana Beach, CA.

The Mission:

The Lomas Brand's mission is found within the materials used. The Lomas Brand prides itself on the fit and feel of every item in the collections. The clothing has a simple, stylish, and balanced look that catches the eye but also reflects the lifestyle associated with Southern California; more specifically San Diego County.

The Story.

By: Sean Feeney

My background isn’t in apparel or fashion, it’s actually in corporate sales. For eight years I did this and hated every waking second of it. Every year would go by and I would make more money, but year over year I found myself less fulfilled and less happy. I chose to ignore this inverse relationship because I’d trained myself to think money was everything. But in 2014, life threw me a curveball...continue reading.