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Thanksgiving Day Note

And to all the small business owners, their families and their teams today, I hope this marks a wonderful Thanksgiving for you all. If you’ve had to close your doors, I know that at this very moment... Continue reading

Sean's Note After 5 Years

Sean's Note After 5 Years
So I took one long deep breath in and jumped into the design studio. In there, the noise and distractions of the world could not get to me.  Cutting myself off from social media, the news and television in general, it allowed me to put all that energy into furthering what we all willed to life so many years ago - The Lomas Brand. Continue reading

During Unprecedented Times - Sean's Note to the Community

To Our Incredible Brand Community
I wanted to take a moment on behalf of our entire team here at The Lomas Brand to offer our thoughts, prayers, and well wishes to all the workers, employers, families, friends and fellow small business owners feeling the painful effects of this epidemic and its subsequent financial hardships. We too are feeling it, but we are a community and we are stronger when we bond together. Time will continue to move forward, aid will come, health will be restored and lights will be turned back on, though that may be difficult to foresee right now.  
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The 4.5 Year Update - From Sean

Hi Everyone! 
Sean here.  Throughout the past few years I really enjoy taking the time every once in awhile to give our brand community an in-depth update on what The Lomas Brand has been up to, how our business model has held up, where all of us at the brand plan to take things in the coming 12 months etc. So with that- I’d love for you to read this and share in our excitement of what’s to come :) 
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The Name

Many of you are probably wondering how I came up with the name The Lomas Brand and whats the meaning behind it.   Continue reading