The Name

Many of you are probably wondering how I came up with the name The Lomas Brand and whats the meaning behind it.  Well, to answer that, if you've driven the I-5 in North San Diego, you've probably come across the exit for the street Lomas Santa Fe.  If you've ever taken Lomas Santa Fe straight west to the water, you've probably noticed that it splits the coastal town of Solana Beach nearly in half and you also probably noticed it dead ends at beautiful Fletcher Cove.  
Whether it was spending many mornings and nights, sometimes lunch time (sorry old bosses) surfing here or having drinks and listening to live music with good friends during the summer's concert in the park series, or just to hangout, Fletcher Cove became a sanctuary for me and all of our friends.  So over a few beers at Fletcher Cove, just steps from the PCH and Lomas Santa Fe intersection, I said to my friend Stefan, "What if I called it, The Lomas Brand?"  It was never in question after that.  
So this morning, when after months of long hours, stress, and constant speed bumps,  The Lomas Brand launched from Fletcher Cove Park using a laptop, hotspot, and a few beers to celebrate.  
The Brand owed The Cove that much.